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Award Winning Immunization Providers

Division of Immunization Services staff conducts combined VFC-AFIX (Vaccines for Children - Assessment, Feedback, Incentives eXchange) site visits at each of the more than 410 enrolled VFC Provider sites. 

The purpose of the visits are to assess provider compliance with the VFC program (e.g. VFC-eligibility screening, appropriate vaccine storage and handling, monthly accountability reporting, etc.) and provide CDC and grantees with a means to monitor VFC accountability.

The site visits also assesses the standard of practice at the immunization provider level and helps identify actions, such as missed opportunities to vaccinate, which may be negatively impacting immunization coverage levels.

Levels of recognition are based upon the following comprehensive
scores: For a VFC Site Visit (No charts reviewed for coverage rates):  100 – Gold, 90-95 – Silver, 80-85 – Bronze.  For VFC/AFIX Visits (Charts reviewed for coverage rates):  105-110 – Gold, 90-100 – Silver, 80-85 – Bronze.

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