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    ​​Enterovirus Annual Trend 2022

    ​​Syndromic Surveillance of Emergency Departments

    The figure below demonstrates the percent of total visits to emergency departments for selected respiratory syndromes as reported by West Virginia enrolled BioSense hospitals. This data is aggregated weekly to construct the graph below. Respiratory syndromes monitored through Biosense likely reflect a mixture of infectious and non-infectious etiologies. Data should be interpreted within the context of laboratory data on circulating respiratory pathogens.

    Counties with Positive Cases of EV-D68

    The map below shows the county of residence of confirmed EV-D68 cases in West Virginia.

    Map of WV Enterovirus Cases

    Percent Positive Laboratory Tests by Repiratory Pathogen and MMWR Week

    Enterovirus Percent Positive

    Laboratory Confirmed Enterovirus Infections by MMWR Week

    Confirmed Infections