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The mission of the West Virginia Division of Immunization Services (WVDIS) is to prevent and control vaccine-preventable diseases among the children, adolescents and adults of West Virginia.

WVDIS administers the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program that provides free vaccines to eligible children. Eligible children are those without health insurance, those enrolled in Medicaid, American Indian and Alaskan natives, and those with health insurance that does not cover some or all vaccines. This federally funded program is available at more than 400 health care provider locations across the state including all county health departments. Children with insurance through the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) are also eligible for free vaccines at all the provider locations participating in the VFC program.

WVDIS provides a limited amount of vaccines for uninsured adults through county health departments. Vaccines provided for adults include pneumococcal, tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis (Tdap), influenza and shingles.


NOTICE: If you suspect that you have been discriminated against in an effort to get yourself or a dependent a COVID-19 vaccine, please contact the DHHR Constituent Services- client services unit at 1-800-642-8589


Dear COVID-19 Vaccine Provider:

​The Food & Drug Administration has authorized an extension​​ of the shelf life for the Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen COVID-19 vaccine from 3 months to 4.5 months (an additional 6 weeks). The decision is based on data from ongoing stability assessment studies, which have demonstrated that the vaccine is stable at 4.5 months when refrigerated at temperatures of 36 – 46 degrees Fahrenheit (2 – 8 degrees Celsius). COVID-19 vaccines that are authorized under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) do not have fixed expiration dates, and their expiration dates can be extended as more stability data is obtained.

​In order to learn the new expiration date of your stock of J&J Janssen COVID-19 simply visit​​ and enter the date(s) on the vials of your J&J vaccine where indicated in the middle of this webpage. This extension applies to all refrigerated vials of J&J/Janssen COVID-19 vaccine that have been stored in accordance with the manufacturer’s storage conditions. Always be sure to check the manufacturer’s website to obtain the most up-to-date expiration dates for COVID-19 vaccines you have on hand.

What Clinicians Need to Know About Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccination of Adolescents

Information for Parents and Adolescents

  • New ​​web page: COVID-19 Vaccines for Children and Teens provides information about the benefits of COVID-19 vaccines for adolescents aged 12 and older, how to find a vaccination provider for adolescents, and what to expect during and after vaccination.

  • New fact sheet: COVID-19 Vaccines for Preteens and Teens is a printable fact sheet for parent​s that explains the benefits of a COVID-19 vaccine for their children, safety information, and what to expect during and after vaccination.

  • New frequently asked questions: Two new FAQs have been posted to address questions about the safety and benefits of COVID-19 vaccination for adolescents aged 12 and older.

  • New myth-buster about menstrual cycles: Your menstrual cycle cannot be affected by being near someone who received a COVID-19 vaccine. This question and answer explains why.

  • Myth-buster about infertility: It is safe for people who would like to have a baby one day to get a COVID-19 vaccine. This question and answer explains why.

  • Key things to know: The web pages Key Things to Know about COVID-19 Vaccines and About COVID-19 Vaccines have been updated to include the recommendation that adolescents aged 12 and older get vaccinated.

  • Vaccine information for specific groups: The web page COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Specific Groups has been updated to help the public find information about vaccination for adolescents.

Information for Healthcare and Vaccine Providers

  • New pediatric toolkit: The Pediatric Healthcare Professionals COVID-19 Vaccination Toolkit provides materials to help healthcare providers give parents clear and accurate information about COVID-19 vaccines. The toolkit includes answers to common questions, an explanation of how mRNA vaccines work, and printable materials to give to parents.

  • New FAQs about consent for minors: FAQs have been posted on the Pfizer-BioNTech product page for providers with information about consent, prescreening questions, and other issues related to the vaccination of minors.

  • New sample patient letter: Healthcare providers can customize and send this sample letter to encourage their patients to get a COVID-19 vaccine. It includes the new recommendation that everyone aged 12 and up get a COVID-19 vaccination.

  • Recipient education page: The Vaccine Recipient Education page has been updated to include resources about COVID-19 vaccination for adolescents.

Information for Community Groups and Health Departments

​ ​

Best Practices for COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Sites

Best Practices for Community and Faith-Based Organizations

UPDATED Products Available!

COVID-19 vaccine product resources have been adjusted to reflect the most up-to-date clinical consideration information. The following resources now reflect the most current clinical considerations:

Check out the Clinical Considerations webpage for additional resources!

NEW Webpage!

The How to Enroll as a COVID-19 Vaccinator webpage houses all the information on how to become a COVID-19 vaccinator and the trainings that are available to prepare for that role. The New COVID-19 Vacci​nation Provider Trainings factsheet is a quick reference for key resources available to address the skills needed to vaccinate with COVID-19 vaccines.

Spotlight: Sharps Disposal Containers

Two new products are available addressing Sharps Disposal Containers as part of CDC’s vaccination guidance.

The Safe and Proper Sharps Disposal During the COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Campaign discusses how to best protect from needlestick injuries while administering COVID-19 vaccines or while helping at vaccination sites. And Strategies for Sharps Disposal Container During Supply Shortages describes different strategies for managers and purchase agents to consider during supply shortages.

These products are posted through the Training and Education Resources webpage.

Clinician Resources

General information about COVID-19 vaccine products for clinicians and healthcare professionals can be found on the COVID-19 Vaccination webpage.

Clinical information including FAQs, Contraindications and Precautions as well as Administrative resources can be found for each vaccine on their own product webpage. Scrolling to the bottom of each vaccine specific webpage will bring you to a list of Storage and Handling Resources.

Resources You Can Use Now

Updated Clinical Guidance

For Healthcare Providers










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