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The West Virginia Division of STD & HIV competently and compassionately provides surveillance, intervention, testing, education (S.I.T.E) and care to prevent and control the spread of disease for the people in West Virginia. The charge of the division is to:

  • Monitor the epidemic.
  • Improve public understanding of HIV.
  • Prevent or reduce behaviors that transmit HIV.
  • Strengthen systems for referral to appropriate prevention and treatment services.
  • Ensure that HIV/AIDS surveillance is a quality, secure system.
  • Ensure that all people at risk for HIV infection know their sero-status.
  • Ensure that those who are not infected with HIV remain uninfected.
  • Ensure that those infected with HIV have access to the most effective therapies possible.
  • Ensure a quality professional education program that includes the most current HIV/AIDS information.



STD and HIV Resources and Services Manual


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For more information, call the West Virginia HIV/AIDS & STD Hotline:


Trained professionals are available to speak with you weekdays (except holidays) from 9:00am to 4:00pm. We can answer your questions about HIV/AIDS and other STDs in West Virginia, how to protect yourself, how to be tested, and how to get treatment.