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The West Virginia Immunization Network (WIN) is a statewide coalition of more than 200 representatives from both the public and private sectors who work to create an environment in West Virginia where every resident is appropriately immunized. 

Since 1996, WIN’s goal has been to educate the public regarding the seriousness of vaccine-preventable diseases. People spread disease. This is unavoidable; however, vaccination is the answer. Vaccination is safe, effective, and the best line of defense against certain illnesses. Unfortunately, insufficient or misleading information about vaccine safety and effectiveness often creates confusion among parents or adults who are considering immunizations for their children or themselves. 

WIN works to provide accurate, scientifically proven information for all West Virginians through state and community programs that promote immunization as a key preventive health strategy.  The coalition builds community capacity through quarterly training events and sustains multiple education advocacy and awareness initiatives through the dedication of its members and active committee structure.

For more information, please call (304) 397-4071 or click on the West Virginia Immunization Network link to be directed to their website.